Textile Installation 2016

Mixed Media
213.5x 183 x 274.5cm (L x W X H)

Cantonese Opera performance is a way to interpret life. When an actor plays, his/her movement & gesture carry expressive symbolic connotation require careful observation and understanding from the audience. There is an intangible on & off stage communication occurring throughout the entire performance.

<Horse riding> in Cantonese Opera performance is a symbolic yet abstract act to hint audience of performer’s following direction, audience can sympathize with the actor.  The softness of fabric and the weight of bamboo sticks facilitate the feelings of movement despite of the width of the step performer takes in each move.

To experience life, do we take up both roles of the performer and audience at the same time or only one role? How do we interpret the movement in life? Other than back & forth, do we have other choices?

Photo & Video Credit: Mr. Dino Paul Ip

The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Center for Chinese Classical Learning Seminar