In The Name of Secondization 2021

The Grotesqueries of JC Jessie


“When the tradition smashes with the digital, a sacred door is slammed open… into the surrealistic realm of the ancient opera beings …releasing blessings to us all.”

–   JC Jessie, Project Originator & Artist  2021 



In the digital world, numerous manifestations can be generated in one split second, whereas tradition is the result of accumulations day after day.

In fathoming the depth of Chinese/ Hong Kong cultural heritage, Cantonese Opera is our signature cultural evidence that carries brilliant visual forms, literature, and intriguing audio presentation. Other than factors related to its function in performances, the richness of material culture delineates on the Cantonese Opera Costumes justify the Chinese’s attitude towards aspiration for benefaction and vigor in life.

This project is based on the specific research and artistic creation of JC Jessie, whose ambition is to call for attention to the rebirth of a nearly lost history and an intangible cultural art form of Hong Kong.

Under this digital exercise, spectators may be excited by the newfound possibilities of seeing some ancient yet familiar artifacts on a novel digital platform through interactive online and offline activities. A rising path to explore the bridging of the “Old” and “ New” in cultural, physical, and technological aspects, while the entertaining and informative attributes of Cantonese opera are being executed at the same time. Ultimately, a goal is to reclaim the energetic spirit of Hong Kong Cantonese Opera.

   This project is supported by Hong Kong Arts Development Council “Arts Go Digital Platform Scheme


Immersive Virtual Reality

Catch Me If You Can 2021

360 Immersive Virtual Reality Experience

Cantonese Opera Costume is one of the intangible Cultural Heritage in Hong Kong, its richness in material culture justifies human’s attitude towards aspiration for benefaction and vigor in life.

Each grotesque (artifact), like auspicious clouds, peonies, luck bat, and water boundaries embedded with diversified blessings from our ancestors now appeared not only on the costumes but on a novel digital platform.

This Immersive Virtual Reality is based on the specific research and artistic creation of JC Jessie, whose ambition is to rebirth a nearly lost history and an intangible art form of Hong Kong.

In the artwork, other than those specific cultural characters, there are also landscapes ie, the Lion Mountain, cityscapes, Victoria harbor, and architects of Hong Kong to enhance a sense of belongings and intimacy of the city.



Into the Clouds

Textile Installation 2021

Mixed Media
Size Variable

Into the clouds     we go

Unreachable yet close

Flying through in high speed or diving in low

Encounter the kind of softness   humans cannot resist

Looking down to the mundane

The celestial beholds

Years after years        the whiteness buffer the antics

Flip-flopping the grey with plethoric pokes

Is it processing now or at a no-man show?

Saved or unsafe    who cares for the soul

What is behind the clouds       no absolute “Yes” or “No”

Into the clouds     we go

Retract your past routes

All have been reset and not shown



The Making of

 Photo Credit : Mr. Dino Paul Ip

 Video Credit : Knocknock Avant