Painting Installation 2022

Mixed Media
Size Variable

An artwork reiterates the most romantic story of one of the four popular love legends in Chinese folklore. The Qixi festival happens on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month in the Chinese calendar.

On the night of July, two bright stars, namely Zhinu, the weaver fairy (the star Vega), and Niulang, the cowherd (the star Alair), separated by the opaque trajectory in the immense celestial universe twinkle continuously to invite earthly spectators to riddle their timeless love story.

The devoted lovers, the magpie’s bridge, the hairpin of the West Queen, and the once-a-year reunion arise a universal empathy and reflection for the compassion of the perdurable affection. 

No matter how far you keep the distance

How long do you restrain from it

Your soul will resonate

The beauty your eyes have never seen

The sweetness your ears have never heard of

When the butterflies are in your stomach

The moment love prevails


It was given unconditionally

Before the creation

Who can fully fathom     Its many-sidedness

But surely

It is never effectuated without sacrifice

In the human realm   A lesson for a lifetime


As time goes by      Masks scatter

It begins to decay   When doubt infiltrates


Liars leech off the Ingenuous to survive

Testing refresh itself every day

Word with action or without

Time will tell

What goes around comes around

Keep a pure heart

To replace maleficence with benevolence

Set a boundary    State your mind

Take it on or leave it alone


Where the butterflies appear

The Leeches follow

Tie a knot or not

Sad story or happy ending

Who gets the last say

Art in Action

Butterfly Knot

Wishes will come true

If you believe so

A knot with love

Tied with a smile

When butterfly touches 

The sun will shine through

* tie a knot with a wish

Video Credit: Knocknock Avant
Photo Credit: Mr.Dino Paul Ip