JC Jessie is a research-based interdisciplinary art partitioner, intangible culture heritage carrier, and curator whose artistic inspiration is based on her research about the cultural materials of Cantonese Opera Costumes, one of the Intangible Cultural Heritage in Hong Kong, where a strong linkage is found between her family ties & this integral part of Chinese culture.

Jessie obtained a Master Degree in Fine Arts at the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2016 after her Fine Arts degree from York University, Canada at her earlier art path. Currently, she is actively promoting Cantonese Opera Costume cultural material & heritage in various art projects of both local and overseas boundaries. Her latest digital artwork received various awards at International Film Festivals, whereas paintings remain her source of an artistic incubator.

Her research and documentaries have contributed to the Hong Kong Heritage Museum in 2017 and 2020.  Her paintings received recognition at The Sovereign Art Foundation & Phillip Charriol Foundation.  She was invited to speak at the Hong Kong Culture Festival 2015  and Fung Sun Kwan Chinese Arts Foundation-Seminar series of Chinese Tradition at CUHK Centre for Chinese Classical Learning in 2017, the Museum of Anthology, UBC, Canada in 2019, Hong Kong Intangible Cultural Heritage Office seminar  & Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre Festival in 2021.

Through Jessie’s refreshing take on an exceptional and diversified art revival process of the“Old into New” & the“East meets West”, her questions on the existing cultural conflict, alignment, and boundaries provide a narrative for the public to investigate the dichotomy between the traditional and contemporary, and to awaken the community into an intimate connection with one’s tradition.

Her works boost new energy through contemporary yet vivacious expressions in colors, media, structure, flow, and materials. Under the present cultural trend of the art movement, her unique heritage, and art expression sustain a strong influence in the future that is worth paying attention to.