Lighting Installation 2015

Mixed Media
Size Variable

<Mén> carries cryptic inspiration yet metaphysical connotation.

When a Chinese opera actor passes through < Hǔ Dù Mén> every time, his soul, mind, body and emotions will be converted instantly in all morphological aspects. This transformation process becomes a perennial ritual at all Opera performances.  Except from noviciate, only professional with qualified credential is capable to skillfully exercise such a complex and subtle canon on stage within a matter of seconds.

<Mén> draws an imaginary boundary to divide the front and the rear of the stage.  It is an entrance from one reality to another. It is a threshold to identify professional and noviciate, a purification process through which the actor’s mental, spiritual and physical irrealities can be disengaged and re-engaged multifariously with realities. In all actors ‘ mind, there is no room for ambiguity on its significance.

From a contemporary art perspective, with a hope to examine the possibility to bring in evolution to the traditional confine, to re-interpret & re-create the cultural, artistic interpretations and understanding of < Hǔ Dù Mén> in Chinese opera art, this installation, first, releases <Mén> from its existing paradigm, then transcends its secular presentation as a barrier or boundaries into an abstract artwork. It is being displayed in multi-faceted yet specific arrangement, in terms of time, directions, distance and sizes and becomes an interesting exploration of a chosen flat space and the rendering of 3D illusion.

The wide spectrum of color and brightness exerts in Chinese Opera has completely narrowed down. The contradictious presentation between Light and dark is mutually exclusive, however, when darkness reaches its extreme, it sublimates its positive so, even a tiny dim light is capable to implode the power of complete darkness.

< Hǔ Dù Mén> is a term from Cantonese Opera. It refers to an imaginary line between the stage and the backstage areas. When actors cross the < Hǔ Dù Mén>, they should forget themselves and becomes their roles.”— < Hǔ Dù Mén> Movie

Photo Credit: Mr. Dino Paul Ip

 The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Center for Chinese Classical Learning Seminar