Textile Installation 2021

Mixed Media
Size Variable

“Talking” may not be necessary if people can communicate through the flow of nature?

The abstraction of Chinese ink painting nurtures a state of mind that is open to all possible imagination. The minimal color tone and composition, despite the simplicity, induce both direct yet conceptual conversation.  If the verbal and textual expression is mundane, visual interaction levels up the physical transmission, then the voided emptiness may lead one to his sacred spiritual sanctuary.

Human struggles in many aspects. When words fail, in the mindset of hollowness and nonviable, one may intuit genuine freedom to ride onto the highway of communication with oneself and others.

This artwork is created when my mind accelerates through self-reflection with a cup of floral tea on hand. Through the consolidation of the meaning of “Talking”, a conclusion arrived for my peace and comfort.

 Photo & Video Credit : Knocknock Avant