Painting Installation 2017

Mixed Media /
Size Variable

This artwork is inspired by a piece of old red satin with beautiful embroidery which was given by my grandad for his friend’s wedding in the ’60s. It was filled with many signatures of well-known opera stars and guests.

The color <Red> is a creep hole for the artist to ramble on her artistic rebuttal about tradition and contemporary.  In Chinese tradition, color has pre-occupied Chinese history as well as their conscious and subconscious mind for a long time, with its nepotic appearance, together with the storytelling nature of the opera art,  all essential festive feelings will be awakened.

Records with the color <Red> capture the artist’s pursuit of the exploration of Cantonese Opera culture.  The theme is grounded on the color <Red> and the storytelling characteristic of opera art as a thread to lead spectators to the artistic manifestation.

Photo Credit : Mr. Dino Paul Ip

The Making of

Residency Acknowledgement: Chi Kee Sawmill & Timber, HK