Opera art is a highly audience-oriented art form. It is originated from lives, its stories carry certain historical references in Chinese history, and has been serving rural farmers, literati and scholars, and the royal families for a long time.

The artist’s inspiration is based on her root research project about the history of the HK Cantonese Opera Costumes Industry where a strong linkage is found between her family ties & this integral part of Intangible Chinese Cultural Heritage. Through her refreshing take on a particular “East Meets West” structure and flow, her works seek to reinterpret this ancient Chinese heritage, and infuse new life into it  with contemporary yet vivacious forms of expression.

The material culture of the Cantonese Opera Costume exists as a metaphysical entity since ancient time when they are being tethered on old Cantonese Opera costumes and face masks. Their unorthodox verve reveals on the artist’s canvas which is being transcended through the dynamic expressions in colors, form, texture, and composition, so the paintings become an open yet intimate dialogue between them and the spectators, through which, all states of mind are possible.


Photo & Video Credit: Knocknock Avant