< On and Off > 2018

A Painting Exhibition By JC Jessie

“On and Off’ simply indicate a state or situation that happens intermittently. Like on and off duty, work, transportation, stage…etc. But when this situation lasts for a long period of time, its consistency may induce a pattern of life that may compose some interesting stories.

The opera stage is a place to tell stories. When the performer gets on stage, there is a role to play, after getting offstage, one may back to his real life. Thus, the “On & Off”, and “Off & On” rhythm initiates a crucial time of physical ritual and spiritual transformation on stage where the intrigued exchange of roles delineates the phantasmagorical complication of reality. What is life? What is reality? If a stage is a metaphor for life, then, what overtone will be explicated during this “On & Off” stage transaction in our life?

In this exhibition, Jessie’s paintings open a door to the surrealistic, sacred sanctuary behind the “Off” scene of the opera beings.

If art is about life, then Jessie’s art can be interpreted as an ongoing self-regeneration and reflection process that leads to a deeper reflection and conversation of one’s perception of life.

 Photo Credit : Mr. Dino Paul Ip